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Mat Hoffman joins the Eco Sciences Team

Posted by Eco Sciences on

We are excited to welcome Mat Hoffman to the Eco Sciences Brand Ambassador Team. Mat is a pioneer of BMX and has invented more tricks than all other vert riders combined ! He won his first contest at the age of 15 and he continues to ride vert on a daily basis. Mat has of course won many X Games medals while riding his own brand, Hoffman Bikes. 
Over the years his body has taken a beating. Multiple surgeries and multiple broken bones. Making it hard for him to even get out of bed on some days. Lucky for Matt he’s partnered with the perfect brand. We believe our products will help him with his day to day recovery and make it possible for him to keep getting rad for years to come!
"Eco Sciences has literally changed my life and made it possible for me to keep being me!" said Hoffman at his home in Oklahoma City while sitting down with Eco Sciences Marketing Director, Erik Apple. 
"Nobody in the world is more qualified than Mat Hoffman to  teach others that prescription pain killers arent necessary. If he can get the relief he needs from full spectrum hemp oil, then so can you!" said Erik Apple. 

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