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Just like us humans, Hemp oil extract can prove to be mightily beneficial for our furry friends. That is why our EcoPets tincture is designed specifically for your dog. The Calm and Comfort blend allows your dog to remain relaxed and comfortable, but it is also designed to relieve joint soreness and pain. Our 30ml tincture contains 1000+mg full spectrum Hemp oil extract that is lab tested and cruelty-free. It also contains fractionated coconut oil and taste like bacon so your dog will enjoy every drop. EcoPets is for any breed of any size dog - we have a size chart on our tincture for proper use.


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Fast Acting Calming Comfort Full Spectrum   HEMP OIL DROPS 1500mg Hemp Extract per Capsule   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ECOPETS™ Calm & Comfort for Dogs is the ultimate hemp solution for pets. Each bottle contains 1500mg of Eco Sciences Hemp Extract with dog approved, natural bacon flavoring. Mix with their food or apply orally to give them the care they deserve....