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ECODRIP offers the finest in hemp-based additives packaged in an easy to use bottle, ready to be added to your favorite e-liquid.  You get all the amazing benefits of hemp oil, while still enjoying your regular e-liquid of choice!

ECODRIP is offered in three different levels of potency, with Gold being the standard, 14.5mg of hemp extract, the Platinum, offering 58mg of hemp extract, and the premier product, the Onyx blend, offering 140mg of hemp extract. There’s no additional flavoring in these additives, so the more potent the additive, the more distinct hemp flavor that you’ll find in each puff.  Additionally, you can use these additives directly under your tongue to be absorbed sublingually.

You can purchase ECODRIP with confidence, knowing that it contains whole plant, full spectrum hemp extract, which means that all of the plant’s terpenes stay intact, providing maximum benefits to you, the user.  The hemp used is of the highest quality and contains over 500 valuable nutrients that your body needs.

As with all of our hemp-based products, ECODRIP are completely non-psychoactive, and are designed to deliver all of the mental and physical well being benefits that hemp can offer.  Studies have shown that hemp extract, like that used in ECODRIP can provide an overall anti-inflammatory effect on the body. This is extremely important, as so much of what we consume on a day to day basis has underlying inflammatory properties. Doing everything we can for yourself to help decrease this inflammation will help in living a long, healthy life.

The use of hemp oil can also benefit your skin. Many studies have shown that hemp oil has moisturizing properties, so adding it to your routine may help give you a bit more of a glow!

In addition to the physical benefits, the hemp oil found in ECODRIP can help lower anxiety and stress. In today’s fast paced world, where it seems there is another stressor at every turn, it’s important to be able to rely on something like hemp oil to help take the edge off. Feeling your best is important, and it’s important to us to help you get there.

We know that you may often be on the go and need your ECODRIP to be ready to go. That’s why our bottles are designed to fit perfectly in your pocket, purse, or backpack. You don’t ever have to worry about running out of your favorite additive with these easy to use bottles! Order yours today!