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The EcoShot is the perfect addition to your day, no matter how jam-packed or unhurried. Depending on whether you need a quick pick-me-up or you're about ready to start winding your day down, each bottle is filled with perfectly crafted full spectrum hemp extract that contains over 500 nutrients meant as a natural aid for the human body, allowing our EcoShots to do the job that you need doing. We offer two blends of EcoShot, one being the Power shot and the other, our Relax shot.

Our Power Hemp blend generates organic energy through essential vitamins within your body that allows you to function properly through the day. If you are struggling to get up in the morning or beginning to slow down in the mid-afternoon, this is precisely the kickstart you need to keep your mind and body going. The hemp extract is designed to stimulate the body and, in conjunction with the dynamic vitamins our blend holds, gives you the power-up you need and deserve.

Our Relax Hemp blend is filled with key stress relievers that are garnered to subdue the anxiety and depression that may come your way during the day. It offers the opportunity to loosen up after a long, hard day, or to be taken earlier for a chill and leisurely Sunday at home. The relax blend has also been proven to give you a more restful, healthy sleep so you can be your best the day after. The hemp extract can target your body's needs, and the stress relievers allow you to remain calm, comfortable and collected.

Our EcoShots will provide you with the relaxation or energy you need, but they offer plenty of other benefits as well: there have been scientific studies suggesting that hemp extract may be beneficial to your skin due to its moisturizing properties since it is packed with necessary vitamins. Hemp extract can also act as an anti-inflammatory, allowing the treatment of various aches and pains.

But here is the best part: our bottles are easy to use and convenient- perfect for travel, rush hour, or anytime you are on the go. They are meant to help you out whenever you need them, wherever you are. Plus, EcoShots are long-lasting, so you feel the positive effects that you need throughout the day or during the evening.

Each bottle has 2 ounces of our unique hemp extract mixture. There is no THC whatsoever, so our blends are not psychoactive. Best of all, each bottle of our EcoShot blends only contain five calories, so they will not intrude heavily on specific caloric intakes, strict diets or healthy eating habits.