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How Can I Use Hemp Oil? | A Complete Guide to Hemp Oil Uses and Benefits


The use of hemp-related products is on the rise. Hemp oil or CBD is widely being used as an alternative to many pain medications as well as other supplements that enhance focus, mood, and sleep. However, the advances and regulations in the industry are creating concerns and even confusion about whether or not it should be used or if it’s even legal. This article will help clear the air and show you how exactly you can use our hemp oil products safely

What Is Hemp?

Simply put, hemp is a plant. However, the United States government defines “industrial hemp” as any part of a cannabis plant that is used for industrial purposes and has a THC Concentration of no more than 0.3 percent when dried. Hemp is also considered the fiber and seed part of the cannabis plant. This should not be confused with the flower component, which is better known as marijuana.

The Production of Industrial Hemp Products

Thanks to the passage of the Hemp Farm Bill of 2014, industrial hemp products became legal to sell. Yet, the legislation specifies that hemp fibers and seeds can only be used in the production of industrial hemp-based products. Beyond this, the evolution of plant genetics has also opened the doors for more hemp-based production.

Hemp oil can also be extracted from hemp seeds themselves. You can even extract hemp oil from hemp flower buds that can be purchased where available.

Types Of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil can be extracted from anything hemp-based like seeds or flowers. Any oil that can be derived from a hemp plant can still be considered hemp oil. The following are different types of hemp oil:

  • Hemp Seed Oil: This kind of oil can be used for household purposes. Most notably, it can also be a cooking substitute for any type of cooking oil (vegetable oil, olive oil, etc.). It also contains omega fatty acids and proteins. When applied topically, hemp seed oil can also provide benefits for your skin. This type of oil is not used for medical or therapeutic purposes because hemp seeds contain the least amount of cannabinoids.
  • Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil: This type of oil is extracted from the hemp stalk, flower, leaves, and other parts of the hemp plant. These oils are used for a wide variety of purposes, including medicinal and therapeutic. This includes treating some medical conditions and pain relief.

Our Hemp Oil Products

Tinctures – We offer a line of tinctured hemp oil, for both pets and humans, targeted to relieve a variety of ailments. Our tinctures go through our whole plant, full-spectrum extraction process so that you get the best benefits possible.

Capsules – Looking for an easy way to experience the benefits of hemp oil? Our capsules let you enjoy our hemp oil products while traveling, or just on the go.

Drinks – Do you love energy shots, but hate the feelings that come with the crash? Then look no further than our EcoShots for a tasty way to get the energy or relaxation boost that you need.

The Different Uses Of Hemp Oil

There are a few different ways that hemp oil can be used. Hemp oil comes in the form of capsules, tinctures, and drinks. For example, most hemp oil drinks on the market include those used for the purpose of energy or relaxation. For example, our EcoShot energy and relaxation shots are a fantastic alternative to jitter inducing energy drinks. You get the energy and focus you need, without the nasty side effects.

What Hemp Oil Is Being Used For

Hemp oil has already proven to be effective in treating chronic health issues. The following is hemp oil being used for specific treatments and how they have been effective in their use:

  • Epilepsy: An Israeli study showed that CBD in hemp oil has been used by epilepsy patients for many years. The study points out that 52 percent of their patients have seen a 50 percent or more reduction in seizure episodes.
  • Anxiety: Compared to its placebo counterpart, CBD oil was linked to a decrease in activity within the brain’s limbic system. This is the part of the brain that activates are “flight or fight” response.
  • Pain: For chronic pain sufferers, CBD oil is considered a much safer alternative than traditional painkillers and pain medications. Typically, this treatment is used when CBD oil is applied topically.
  • Treatment For Alzheimer’s: The social recognition deficit is a common occurrence found in Alzheimer’s patients. CBD oil was responsible for preventing this from happening in a 2014. The problem is that mice were a subject of this study, making it a mystery if such an effect will ever apply to humans.

Know Before You Use Hemp Oil

Yes, it is possible to overdose on hemp oil. While it may not be enough to create severe problems, it can be toxic to your health. That’s why you need to know before using any kind of hemp oil-based products. Here are a few things to consider before using:

  • How does it affect you: Bear in mind that the way it affects one person, it may not be the same way for you. That’s because every person has their unique genetic and biochemical makeup. This means having to test at different doses. What one dose for one person may not be typical for the other. If it feels like too much, reduce the dose and vice versa.
  • Begin With A Low Dose: Even if the directions say that you should take 2 doses, start off with one. If you choose an oral product, you will be able to notice its effects between a 30 to 90 minute period.
  • Spread Out Your Doses: Instead of taking one large dose per day, be sure to distribute them throughout the course of the day evenly. Meaning take a dose every 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours (depending upon the instructions).
  • More Does Not Always Mean Better: Referring back to how it affects you, even smaller doses would have more of an effect than someone else who would have to take larger doses to achieve the same thing.
  • When In Doubt, Ask The Professional: By this, we mean talking to your doctor. If you are taking any medications or are pregnant or nursing, you should ask your doctor if it is safe to take hemp oil. Hemp oils in higher doses have shown to interact with most medications.


Hemp oil is safe to use and continues to be a popular alternative, even if it isn’t used for medicinal or therapeutic use. These products are legal to use and should not be confused with any cannabis related products that may otherwise be considered illegal to possess. For further information, refer to your local and state laws regarding the legal status of cannabis as a whole.