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Ilima MacFarlane

Professional Fighter

Ilima Lei MacFarlane Is an undefeated star and the the Bellator Women's Straw-Weight Champion, is an American professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the Flyweight division of the Bellator Fighting Championship. Her first professional fight was an unsanctioned match, footage of which went viral and caused the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) to launch an investigation into unsanctioned events. They deemed the match a serious health hazard due to the skill level disparity between fighters (also known as a tomato can match-up). The fight was discussed in an article on the popular Mixed Martial Arts news website, MMAjunkie.com. The article described the video which, "features Macfarlane making her pro debut with the controversial Xplode Fight Series organization. In it, Macfarlane takes on – and needs just 10 seconds to defeat – Katie Castro, who's now 0-4 and clearly has no business being in a cage with an actual MMA fighter."

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Ilima MacFarlane
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