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Justin Boer

Professional Air Sports Instructor

"I started skydiving in late 2008, and somehow that quickly progressed into Paragliding, Speedflying and BASE Jumping," says Justin, a former structural designer.

An event happened in 2013 while flying a high performance wing and that changed his life forever. While swooping down to skim a pond before his landing, "a chain of events caused me to make a low turn. In short, spiraled down too low and too quick which resulted in me impacting the bank of the pond at about 60mph, then I bounced into the water.  I did what any normal person would do, swim. I felt a gnarly crack and pop as I kicked my legs and feet for the last time."  The movement after impact caused a spinal injury and completely disconnected his lower body, leaving him basically paralyzed from the waist down. "The accident shattered my sacrum, broke my pelvis and L4/L5 vertebrae".

After two months of full-time assisted recovery at the University of Utah,  Justin adjusted his life to focus on a 100% full recovery. This recovery has taken years and Justin is still in the process.  Justin is focused on natural products and is super stoked about using natural Hemp products instead of traditional pain medicine.

"The relief Hemp products provides, makes it possible for me to set my sights back on the sky where I belong".  Justin has been growing the US freeflight industry, developing athlete paragliding programs and has now opened the biggest premier flight park in the United States in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho.

Justin Boer
Eco Caps

"I take EcoCaps to help with muscle inflammation along with Rix Mix as needed on flare-ups with pain."
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