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Eco Drops sublingual fractionated coconut oil with full spectrum hemp extract

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Our Hemp is grown at one of the largest commercial hemp farms in the Netherlands utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and CO2 extraction processes with organic sustainable arable farming practices.

In 2016 we developed EcoCaps, a full spectrum hemp oil capsule to supply the demand from our existing customers. EcoCaps were our first travel ready soft pill form product created. This comes in a 2 count travel packet, or a larger 30 count bottle. The real science in creating this product was to determine how much concentrate to use so it was effective for our diverse customer base. Our capsules contain full spectrum rich hemp extract containing the nutrients desired.

Launching in the first quarter of 2018 we are offering three new products - EcoGels, EcoDrops and EcoShots. EcoGels is a fractionated coconut oil full spectrum hemp rich capsule loaded with vitamins and nutrients. EcoDrops is fractionated coconut oil tincture or sublingual liquid with four different varieties available depending on your need. EcoShots is a small 2 ounce consumable drink that can be used on the go with a concentrated isolate formula, and other essential vitamins and dietary supplements. The proprietary formulas available for EcoShots come in two different varieties. The "power hemp" shot which encompasses a highly concentrated energy blend of vitamins and hemp extract to give you a long lasting boost and focus to start your day. The "relax hemp" shot blended with herbal and hemp extracts and amino acids to help rest your powerful mind. The effects will vary between users as we've seen amazing results from our R&D team.

Just released in the 3rd quarter of 2018 is our Eco Pets - Calm & Comfort. This specially formulated hemp extract is for your dog and has a natural bacon flavor that he/she won't be able to resist :) Our customers are raving about this new release, check it out.

We have many more products and supplements that are still under development that will bring your health and wellness to the next level!

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