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Are you looking for the highest concentration of hemp oil available? Then look no further than our RIXMIX. This is an extremely versatile product, intended to be used directly under your tongue for maximum absorption. Because of the easy to use, sublingual nature of the drops, they are great to carry with you to use any time you need to.  If you’d rather use it as an additive to your favorite e-liquid, you can do that too!

RIXMIX is offered in three different levels of potency, with 500 being the standard (500mg of hemp extract per bottle), the middle potency being the RIXMIX 750 (750MG of hemp extract per bottle), and the premier product, being the RIXMIX 1500 (1500 mg of hemp extract per bottle), offering maximum potency. RIXMIX is chemical free, and easy for your body to absorb, whether under your tongue or as an additive.

We’re proud of our hemp extraction process. We utilize a solvent and chemical free CO2 extraction process that produces a full spectrum extract, full of the nutrients, vitamins, and terpenes that make you feel great. Our plants are grown organically in Europe, and never use any pesticides. We do our best to provide you with the highest quality full spectrum hemp oil products on the market.

As with all of our hemp-based products, RIXMIX is completely non-psychoactive . The hemp extract in RIXMIX is intended to provide all of the best benefits of hemp for your health and wellness, without any psychoactive effects.

RIXMIX is particularly helpful in helping users who may have inflammation issues. Studies have shown that hemp extract, like that used in RIXMIX can provide major relief for inflammation in the body.   This can include muscle and joint aches, as well as more internal inflammation, helping with thing like stomach and digestive issues. Reducing inflammation is important, as it can lead to issues like high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular problems.  

If your one of the many hemp oil users that does so to help with your stress and anxiety, then RIXMIX is a great solution for you. The dropper bottle makes it extremely easy to get the help you need, and fast. A few drops under your tongue in a stressful moment can provide major relief!

Whether you’re a new or experienced hemp oil user, you’ll quickly find here is no substitute for RIXMIX. These drops offer the ultimate control of potency, combined with the fast-acting nature of sublingual use.  Give RIXMIX a try, and see exactly how helpful it can be!!