About Us

When we started in the CBD business, back in 2014, we led as one of the pioneers in this newly established industry. While doing business under the name of CBD Drip, we pushed hard to get our own products into B2B stores and let retail shops market and expand our footprint quickly. Fortunately, it worked! By 2016, our CBD company had products in thousands of stores across the United States.

We are a CBD Company

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are now doing business under the brand name of Eco Sciences. Throughout our history, we have facilitated the launch of numerous 5-star rated full spectrum hemp extract products that remain favorites among our customers, and that growth continues year over year.

Our commitment to you as a customer is we’ll provide you the best products on the market that actually perform the way you’d expect. We ship all our orders the same business day and if you have any issues, call our customer service department and we’ll help you 100%, every time! Nobody else cares about our customers like we do.

Many of the brands you see around today were able to grow on the back of the hard work that WE have put into this business, as founding members of the Hemp and CBD industry. We take exceptional pride in our stellar customer service and quality products; this has culminated in long term customer satisfaction, something that is reflected in the positive reviews that we receive every day.

As a privately owned company, we solidly stand behind all of our products and are able ensure our value with the use of 3rd party lab testing. Best of all, we offer satisfaction guaranteed with competitive prices on products that actually work.

Your business is valued,

Eco Sciences™