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Not all pills are the same. Here you will find premium CBD capsules and the richest profiled softgels. Capsules are a great way to take your CBD on the go. Many people prefer capsules to tinctures because they may not enjoy the raw taste of the hemp extract, and they are also easier to share with a friend! ECOGELS™ and ECOCAPS™ are full spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract in a simple capsule form. All of our capsules are non-GMO and gluten-free, but our ECOCAPS™ are vegan as well.

A daily CBD regimen can bring consistent results. Fuel up today!

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Available in 2ct Travel packs or 30ct Bottles sizes

ECOCAPS 2ct Travel

$5.99 or subscribe and save up to 25%

60mg CBD p/Sachet

ECOCAPS 30ct Bottle

$59.99 or subscribe and save up to 25%

900mg CBD p/Bottle

(15 customer reviews)

ECOGELS 2ct Travel

$5.99 or subscribe and save up to 25%

50mg CBD p/Sachet

(1 customer review)

ECOGELS 30ct Bottle

$59.99 or subscribe and save up to 25%

750mg CBD p/Bottle

(31 customer reviews)

I’ve tried probably 5 other CBD oils, etc. with mixed results, but I’ve not found anything as good as the ECOGELS 10,800 mg. My colleague turned me on to them and they really work. I don’t take them everyday, but more as-needed. I prefer 1, as I took 2 one time and it was too strong for me. My colleague’s wife took them after a surgery and preferred it over the hard stuff she was given. – Erick Barnett (Verified Buyer)

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Our CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

Our CBD Softgels

CBD Softgels

CBD Capsules & CBD Softgels

Why take CBD capsules? Not everyone has the same preference when it comes to what form they want their hemp extract supplements to come in, as different options can provide different benefits and conveniences. At Eco Sciences, we have taken the time to meticulously formulate a broad variety of our CBD rich hemp extract products so that we can better service the diverse needs of our customers. 

This is why we have encapsulated our CBD-rich hemp extract into Omega rich softgels and capsules. Our vegan ECOCAPS™ have a higher concentration of CBD, with around 30-35mg of CBD and about 170mg of hemp extract per capsule. In contrast, our ECOGELS™ are packed with around 25-30mg of CBD and about 360mg of hemp extract per softgel. In addition, both are gluten-free and non-GMO. 

Ingesting hemp extract in a capsule form means that the compounds enter the bloodstream differently than when they are taken sublingually or vaped. The compounds must first go through the digestive process, which means some of them are absorbed by the enzymes that the body uses to break down food for the body to use as energy. After ingestion, it can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes for the substances to get into the bloodstream.

However, once ingested, the compounds will stay in your system longer than when taken in other forms, because of the way that phytocannabinoids store themselves in the body. This is why many people choose to take ingestible supplements in addition to tinctures, because the compounds stay in the bloodstream longer, but the tinctures can allow them to enter the bloodstream faster. 

Phytocannabinoids are fat soluble, which means that they are stored in your fat cells. It typically takes about 3-5 days for CBD to leave your system, depending on your weight, height, age, diet, biochemistry, and the consistency of your CBD use. This means that it could take a daily user up to 10 days before the CBD completely leaves their system.

CBD Capsules FAQ

What are the real benefits of CBD Capsules?

Full spectrum hemp extact and CBD works well to create a balance in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Studies have shown that this helps bring the sense of calm and focus which could help manage day-to-day stresses and promote general well-being. Incorporate CBD capsules into your daily schedule like any other supplement. 

What CBD capsules are the best?

It is personal prefrence when taking our CBD pills. Eco Sciences ECOCAPS are vegan and well refined where our ECOGELS are made with more of a raw material. Both CBD capsules are full spectrum and designed for daily wellness.

What is the correct dosage?

We cannot make specific serving recommendations because everyone has a different body chemistry, size and metabolisms. There’s not a perfect serving dosage that fits everyone. Many people start by taking just one CBD pill per day and then increase the dosage as needed. Our CBD capsules contain between 25-30mg of CBD per pill.

When to take CBD pills?

You can take CBD capsules throughout the day, in the morning or at night. It all depends on your personal preference. Its recommnded that your take CBD capsules on an empty stomach for best results, but not necessary. 

Is it ok to mix these capsules with other CBD products?

Yes, it’s fine to combine CBD pills, capsules, softgels or our other products together. Some people can actually maximize the benefits by combining multiple forms of CBD throughout the day. 

Can CBD Pills be taken with other medications?

It’s always recommended that you check with your doctor before adding any new supplements into your regimen. We cannot give ANY medical advice, so please consult with your doctor first. Eco Sciences CBD capsules are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any disease, illness or condition. 

Do I need to eat food with CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules and soft gels can be taken with or without food any time of the day. It’s best to to experiment and find out what works best for your body chemistry. We recommend taking them on an empty stomach for best results. 

What are the best CBD capsules for pain?

Eco Sciences CBD capsules are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition. CBD pills can interact with your internal endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating your pain responses. We advise your to do your own research and check out medical studies on CBD for pain. Some of our customers describe in their testimonials using CBD capsules for pain. However, you should always consult with your doctor first.

What CBD capsules work for anxiety?

CBD in capsule form is thought to have calming and relaxing properties which could potentially help with normal symptoms of anxiety. We always advise that you check the most recent medical studies for anxiety releif from CBD pills. Eco Sciences CBD capsules are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition. You should consult with your doctor first if you’re expierencing anxiety symptoms.