How To Choose CBD

We’ve broken down this question into six different categories so that you can quickly decide what product is best for your desired usage. Another factor to consider — beyond the form of the product — is how quickly you want it to absorb into your body and or how long do you wish to retain the effect you are looking for. Choose a category below to read more about the type of product you have chosen.  Every person has a different metabolism which can effect your endocannabinoid system uniquely. 

Compare CBD Capsules


Learn more about the how to use CBD products, suggested dosage, how CBD interacts with the human body and the difference with how you can take these products.  Our What CBD to Use page goes into great detail comparing isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum with the the most popular questions our customers ask.

We want to make it easier for you to choose what CBD product will suit you best, so we have developed a helpful guide to facilitate this process. It is important to keep in mind that everyone has their own individual biochemistry, so CBD can metabolize differently from person to person.

Long Lasting

When CBD is ingested through capsules, it tends to stay in your system longer than with tinctures or other fast acting methods. Because it initially has to go through your digestive processes, it can take a minimum of 30 minutes or longer for the CBD to reach the bloodstream — although consuming capsules on an empty stomach can help speed up the process. Conversely, when you take the capsules on a full stomach, the digestive process will cause your body to metabolize the CBD more slowly, enabling it to stay in your system longer. 

Fast Acting

When customers are looking for something that is more fast acting, we recommend our premium line of ECODROPS™, RIXMIX™, and SOCIAL™ tinctures. Although you can easily add them to drinks or food, our tinctures were meant to be taken as a sublingual, which means you place them under your tongue and leave them there until the oil is fully absorbed (which can take around 1-2 minutes). When substances are absorbed by the sublingual gland, they are able to swiftly bypass the digestive system completely and can be active in your system as quickly as 10 minutes. 

Instant Acting

With our ECODRIP™ additives, we have utilized a unique propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin carrier blend that enables them to be delivered even faster into the bloodstream, and also gives them a versatility that allows them to facilitate instant acting results. 

Low Dose

We developed ECOPETS™ with a goal of providing the perfect pet tincture with a low dose of CBD and hemp extract as the best option for your dog. Pups love our delicious bacon and peanut butter flavored tinctures, and our customers provide us with truly compelling feedback regarding their pet’s experiences after giving them ECOPETS™.

Direct Application

An extremely effective way to alleviate localized pain comes in the form of our ECODERM™ topical cream. It utilizes a superior formulation that includes the incredible analgesic properties of methyl salicylate and a blend of our highest quality, full spectrum hemp extract. 

Great Taste

Our ECOSHOTS™ Chill Relaxation and Focused Energy are two delicious CBD drinks that come in appetizing grape and mixed berry flavors. In addition, we also offer our scrumptious CBD Gummies Relief & Relax, which is the perfect way to get your daily CBD fix in a fun gummy snack.