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What to avoid

There’s alot of junk out there pretending to be “the best”

Unfortunately, there’s SO MUCH misleading terminology and practices being used in the CBD industry that is designed to trick you and lie to you.  It’s really such a shame and should be outlawed, but it’s out there destroying the industry’s reputation.
Here are some of the things you need to recognized and ignore.

What to avoid

What to avoid #1


Due to many marketplace guideline restrictions, many brands have been forced to use vague terminology inorder to sell their products.  But even worse, these policies and lack of regulation on platforms like Amazon, have forced out legitamit hemp extract products and allowed a sea of snake oils to take over the market completely unchecked.

What to avoid #1

What to avoid #2


This subject really gets reputable CBD brands fired up.  Some of those products have numbers so high, that it is literally impossible to fit the claimed amount of milligrams in the size bottle their product comes in.  This whole struggle was born from a numbers war between brands, fighting to attract uneducated consumers with the highest possible “strengths”.

What to avoid #2

What to avoid #3


If a product is labeled THC Free, it is NOT full spectrum.  It’s impossible.  If something has been removed, then how can it be called full spectrum?  Also, there are some brands that claim they only use full spectrum, but they have chemically altered the levels of CBD to be higher than what naturally exists in the extract.  This is also fake full spectrum

What CBD to avoid #3

What to avoid #4


If you see a Hemp Extract product that is a clear oil, it is CBD Isolate.  There is no such thing as Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that is clear.  Always choose a product that has gold or amber colored oil.  If the product is clear, this means that it is highly processed and all the good stuff has been chemically removed.

What CBD to avoid #2
What not to avoid
What CBD not to avoid