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Every pet owner knows that they become part of the family, which means that they should be given the highest quality ingredients, including CBD for dogs! Our dog tinctures are made with our premium, full spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract that is blended with a tasty bacon or peanut butter flavoring that your pet will find delectable!

Is your dog disobedient, nervous, hyper, old or slow? All Dogs Love It!

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CBD oil for dogs

Bacon Flavor black bacon slices

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Dog Hemp Oil

Peanut Butter Flavor Black peanut

*Overall Daily Wellness For Dogs


$29.99 or subscribe and save up to 30%

300mg CBD p/Bottle

This has significantly helped our 12 year old puppy. He’s moving better, seems more comfortable and seems happy about this! I was skeptical but desprate for some relief for him. This worked! – Anita Garcia (Verified Buyer)

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CBD for your dog

Everyone wants the best for their precious pets because they are so important in our life. As the prevalence of CBD products for humans continues to grow, it has raised many questions for pet parents about whether they should consider giving these products to their pets as well.

The number one question for most pet parents is whether full spectrum hemp products are safe for their animals. Fortunately, there have been numerous studies regarding the safety of its use in dogs, and the research has shown that CBD and full spectrum hemp extracts are not harmful to dogs!

All vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system, which means they all have cannabinoid (CB) receptors that are designed to interact with the compounds within full spectrum hemp extract, and this includes dogs.

A recent study was conducted by researchers at Colorado State University where the focus was to determine whether CBD oil for dogs had any efficacy with regard to seizure prevention in dogs.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing cbd for dogs is to ensure the carrier oil that is used to preserve the product isn’t harmful to animals, which is why it is better to use products that are specifically designed with pets in mind.

It is also useful to determine whether the product contains an isolated CBD isolate additive as opposed to full spectrum hemp extract. Many products may opt to use a cheaper isolate to save money on production costs, but full spectrum hemp extract contains the full range of additional phytocannabinoids and terpenes that are found in the hemp plant.

Our ECOPETS™ Dog tinctures come in delicious bacon and peanut flavors that all pups love, and we dedicated ourselves to creating the highest quality pet tincture that we were able to make available at much more reasonable pricing than other CBD pet products on the market.

CBD for dogs come in many different forms these days, such as edibles, capsules, topical creams, balms and food grade oils. Much like human products each of these forms have a different shelf life. What we have found is that oils keep their potency and effectiveness longer than any other option and also can be used in a variety of ways.

Using CBD oil for dogs especially in a flavor they already love makes things pretty easy to serve. Either orally via dropper or drizzle on wet or dry food is what our customers have found to be the easiest method. Check out what our customers have said about ECOPETS for Dogs.

Read more information about this here in our article about Hemp for Pets.

Dog CBD faq

What is the best CBD oil for dogs?

There is no question about what is the best CBD oil for dogs, because we know that it is ECOPETS! Your pup will love our delicious pet tinctures, which utilize our CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp extract. ECOPETS also comes in yummy bacon and peanut butter flavoring. Each batch is lab tested for quality assurance.

Where can you buy CBD for pets?

If you are wondering where you can buy CBD for pets, then you are in the right place! While many veterinarians and pet stores are starting to carry CBD pet products, we also recommend that you purchase directly through our website. Not only is ECOPETS very fairly priced, but we often offer special deals and discounts that are only available online.

Can you give CBD oil to dogs everyday?

It is a concern for some whether you can give CBD oil to dogs every day. The great news is, you can! We recommend a daily dose for your pup, with serving suggestions based on the size of your dog.

What is the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis?

We are unable to make any medical claims regarding the properties of our pet tinctures, so it is not possible to recommend what is the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis. However, there is a lot of research being conducted that looks into the efficacy of using CBD to treat arthritis in dogs.

What does CBD oil do for dogs?

There has been a lot of interest regarding what does CBD oil do for dogs. Like humans and all mammals, dogs have an endocannabinoid system, which means that they have special receptors in their body that are specially designed to interact with the phytocannabinoids and terpenes in CBD oil. For more information, check out our blog.

How much CBD oil for my dogs anxiety?

A lot of customers want to know: How much CBD oil for my dog’s anxiety? CBD for dogs has not been recognized by the FDA as a method for treating dog anxiety, so we cannot give any specific recommendations regarding that. Some preliminary research has been conducted so far to determine the effect that CBD oil has for canine anxiety, but more data is required.

How often can you give CBD oil to your dog?

When asked how often can you give CBD oil to your dog, we typically tell our customers to give a daily serving. You can either drop it directly into their mouth, or add it to their food. However, it is also up to your discretion and what you feel is best for your dog’s individual needs. You can also ask your vet what might be best based upon your dogs age, weight and nor any health issues.

Will CBD calm a hyper dog?

We cannot make any claims regarding whether CBD will calm a hyper dog. As CBD use becomes more widespread and interest increases, veterinarians are going to continue conducting studies into the effects of CBD for dogs as well as other animals.

When the popularity of hemp extract products exploded a few years ago, we received a lot of questions from our customers about CBD for dogs. The studies so far have proven that CBD is safe for your dog, as long as you choose a reputable product. This was our inspiration to formulate ECOPETS™ and it continues to be among our most popular products. We constantly get amazing feedback about our dog tinctures, and nothing makes us happier than hearing about the impact we’ve made for our customer’s precious, four-legged family members.