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Topical cream to rub on joints & muscles

We developed ECODERM™, an amazing new pain cream that uses methyl salicylate, a proven topical agent that helps to relieve joint and muscle pain, as well as a blend of our premium quality, full spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract. Apply this cream anywhere you have pain!

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CBD Cream Pain Relief

For joints & muscles
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CBD Creams for post workout pain.

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I purchased this for a friend and she is very satisfied with the results. She gave one tube to her sister, same results. Plan on purchasing more! – Beth Brule (Verified Buyer)

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We have entered into partnership with baseball legend and Hall of Famer Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas, in order to develop the most effective topical pain relief product on the market! ECODERM™ is a pain cream that we spent a lot of time and effort in the meticulous formulation. We were determined to create the most effective combination of proven, pain relieving ingredients,  and blend it with our premium, CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp extract. 

Many baseball fans are aware of the fact that Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas is no stranger to pain. As one of the successful baseball legends in the world, he has had to deal with numerous injuries over the course of his prolific Major League Baseball career. After being introduced to the extensive Eco Sciences line of CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp products, he was immediately inspired to take part in a collaboration that would result in the production of the ultimate pain cream. This is how we created ECODERM™.

We were motivated to utilize the finest quality ingredients in our endeavour to formulate the perfect CBD pain creams, as we wanted to create a unique product that would positively impact the lives of those who suffer from chronic pain. 

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All pain cream lotion contain what is known as topical analgesics, which are compounds that provide pain relief when applied to the skin. The primary ingredient we use for ECODERM™ is methyl salicylate, which is a proven topical pain reliever that helps with long term muscle pain and discomfort. ECODERM™ comes in a light and airy formula that leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized, but most importantly: pain free!

The feedback we have received on ECODERM™ is virtually unanimous, as it can help anyone from professional athletes to stay at home moms, and everyone in between. Chronic pain does not discriminate, and that is why we wanted to formulate a pain cream that is designed to help anyone dealing with fundamental pain that affects their daily life. Fortunately, our effort was extremely successful! 

CBD Creams FAQ

Does CBD cream work for pain?

You might be wondering: “Does CBD cream work for pain?” Because the Federal Drug Administration has not officially approved CBD to treat pain, we are unable to make any medical claims regarding our ingestible products. However, our ECODERM topical cream contains proven ingredients that work towards relieving pain, in addition to CBD and other phytocannabinoids.

Is hemp cream the same as CBD cream?

Not all CBD creams are the same. You might wonder, is hemp cream the same as CBD cream? Most CBD creams are made using an isolate, which means they do not contain any of the additional compounds in hemp. ECODERM uses full spectrum hemp extract, which means that it has the full range of phytocannabinoids as well as terpenes.

How long does CBD cream last?

Many people wonder how long does CBD cream last. With regard to ECODERM, it has pain relieving properties that can last up to 6 hours, but a lot also depends on individual biochemistry.

Is hemp lotion good for your skin?

The Federal Drug Administration has not approved claims regarding whether hemp lotion is good for your skin. There have been studies conducted to determine the properties of hemp and how they relate to skin conditions, as there are CB receptors in our epidermal layer.

What are the benefits of CBD cream?

Scientists are constantly researching to determine what are the benefits of CBD cream, but more studies need to be done in order to determine what beneficial properties are potentially contained within hemp extract and phytocannabinoids.

Can CBD creams help with arthritis pain?

When customers ask us whether CBD creams help with arthritis pain, we are happy to tell them that while we cannot make medical claims regarding our CBD-rich hemp extract, we have included many proven pain relieving active ingredients in ECODERM that are very effective towards relieving arthritis pain.

What is the best CBD cream?

We know that we have formulated what is the best CBD cream on the market. ECODERM was meticulously crafted with effective pain relieving ingredients such as methyl salicylate, and also includes our premium, CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp extract. We have heard incredible feedback from our customers regarding its high value!

While there are many CBD creams on the market, none can compare to the incredible formulation that we have used for ECODERM™. Whether you suffer from chronic aches, or just looking to alleviate soreness from a hard workout, you will benefit from the pain relieving properties of the methyl salicylate that is utilized in our incredible CBD cream. ECODERM™ is not just any CBD lotion, it is the best.