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Eco Sciences has earned a reputation for producing the highest quality, CBD-rich hemp extract products in the industry. Our brand continues to grow from partnerships with world class athletes, as well as hundreds of 5-star reviews from verified purchasers. The best way to build your sales is through our well known and trusted brand. 

CBD Wholesale
How to become a CBD wholesaler?

Our process to become a CBD wholesaler is very simple. Just visit https://wholesale.ecosciences.com to fill out our online form, where you can select a tier that will work best for your company. After you submit your information, one of our account managers will contact you right away and help you to get your account set up. This enables you to order online for a faster shopping experience, or you can still have your account manager process any of your orders over email or phone. 

What CBD marketing materials do we provide?

We are able to provide a wide range of CBD marketing materials to our wholesalers, including product specific print materials and pop-up product displays, as well as brand specific window clings. We also have large display cases with locking doors that are perfect for showcasing our products in the most effective way.

Why should you buy wholesale CBD?

There are many reasons why you should buy wholesale CBD! Whether you are a veteran in the industry and searching for the highest quality CBD products, or a brand new seller who wants to find the most trusted brand with incredible testimonials, you are in the right place. The CBD market has been forecast to be worth over $20 billion by the year 2024. We are proud to offer the best margins in the business, so sign up today and view our flexible pricing structures.

Do you provide 3rd party lab results for your CBD products?

We are very happy to provide 3rd party lab results for our CBD products! We have made a commitment to offer our CBD wholesalers and their customers the very highest quality CBD products, and we don’t mind proving it. This is why we have each and every batch of our hemp extract tested through an accredited and licensed third party facility, SC Labs, which is based out of Santa Cruz, California. Not only did SC Labs pioneer hemp laboratory testing, but they are also the most trusted facility in the industry.  

Do you offer dropshipping for your products if I don't have a physical store but still want to sell your products online?

Yes, we do offer dropshipping for our products if you don’t have a physical store but still want to sell our products online. We have an incredibly efficient dropshipping program that enables us to handle the heavy lifting for you as much as we possibly can. You will have a dedicated account manager that can assist you with placing orders, and you also receive email updates regarding the tracking information for your packages. We use multiple integrations, including ShipStation, to process your orders on the same business day they are placed so that you are able to provide your customers with their shipment as quickly as possible.

What shipping providers do you use within the United States?

The shipping providers that we use within the United States are USPS first class, UPS, and FedEx. We provide tracking on every order that we ship out! We value efficiency above all else in order to ensure that your customers are never waiting longer than they should to receive their orders. 

What kind of CBD products do we offer at wholesale?

We are able offer many different kinds of CBD products, as we aim to provide multiple options in order to suit a wide variety of lifestyles. We have been able to source some of the cleanest and most potent hemp extract on the market, which is what we use to formulate our exceptional quality tinctures, capsules, and topical cream. Every full spectrum product that we offer contains an incredibly rich phytocannabinoid profile with abundant concentrations of CBD. We have also produced special lines of premium CBD isolate products, including our gummy sweets and delicious drink shots. There are no other wholesale CBD companies on the market who can offer our level of quality for such reasonable prices. 

If you are interested in becoming a seller of wholesale CBD, then you are in the perfect place. As interest continues to grow in this rapidly expanding industry, Forbes has published an economic forecast which predicts that the CBD market could be worth up to $20 billion by 2024. At Eco Sciences, we are able to offer an exceptional value with highly lucrative price margins for our superior quality products — which have amassed an incredibly loyal customer base.