ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml

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ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml
ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml

Eco Sciences™ ECOPETS™ is a 30ml bottle of CBD for dogs in Bacon Flavor. Formulated to deliver a Calm & Comfort effect for Dogs which contains about 1800mg of premium, full spectrum hemp extract and about 300-375mg of CBD as well as other naturally occurring phytocannabinoids and terpenes. The hemp extract is mixed with MCT oil and a yummy natural bacon flavoring. Each bottle is lab tested for quality assurance in addition to being vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and cruelty free. You can either give it orally or mix it with your pet's food.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Natural Bacon Flavor

Also Contains:
Naturally occurring Vitamin E, Fatty Acids, Omega-3, Omega-6, Terpenes

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 5.5 in





Full Spectrum





Hemp Extract



Gluten Free, Vegan


Under 0.3 THC

Suggested Use

Based on Weight

74 reviews for ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml

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  1. MS and Kucha

    I am super familiar with this company’s products; I’ve used the EcoDrops Dream for myself with great results. Recently, my eleven year old Lab, Kucha, has been challenged with Laryngeal paralysis (Lar Par). The EcoPet drops are calming her plus drastically reducing her struggle to breathe and the cough. Thank you for helping my beautiful animal!

  2. Yvonne Kilcup

    I have older dogs that can have difficulty getting up; this product definitely helps ease their pain and I’m so grateful to have it available for them!

  3. Marilynn Macken

    My two dogs love this bacon flavor! Picture below is my 11yr old Manchester Terrier obsessed over his 16yr old brothers morning meal. Right after b’fast is CBD time! They drive me crazy until they get it! It’s their drug of choice! 🤣🤣🐾🐾

  4. Marilynn Macken

    Been using for my two small dogs for years. Happy with the product and now figured out how to order direct!

  5. Mike Collins

    Great products, fast shipping!

  6. Cyndi Garrison

    My dogs like it!

  7. Peter Lentscher

    My Aussies does seem to be better with it.

  8. Alyssa Jackson

    Very happy with this purchase! It was recommended to me by another pet owner and it really helps our dog and his arthritis.

  9. Rillis Butler

    Ecopets helps to calm my rescue from her many fears.

  10. Rillis Butler

    Eco pets helps my rescue with her many fears.

  11. Teresa Craig

    Our 15 year old pup seems to be more alert and playful…less clingy to us.

  12. Jimmy

    Great product. My granddoggie loves the bacon CBD and it helps him when he’s afraid of the storms. It works just as well and even faster than some prescription meds he has for his anxiety

  13. Julie Kranenberg

    My dog loves it! Takes it right from the dropper

  14. Timothy Havens

    This product works fantastic.I have a Doberman pinscher that freaks out over storms so bad he will injure himself.Trazadone didn’t work but this calms him right down and he is still a little nervous but the degree of relief he has now with this is amazing.A complete turn around 5 stars all around.

  15. Rillis Butler

    i have a rescue dog that is afraid of everything, but the Ecopets helps her to deal with her fears.

  16. Sharon Newman Ehrlich

    My dog loves it and it helps him

  17. Kathleen Baker

    I have a 10 year old mix who has had two hip surgeries. The cbd helps him walk and run pain free.

  18. Sean Hughes

    Using to treat anxiety and arthritis. In just 2 weeks our 12-year old Jack Russell Terrier is able to easily jump back on the bed from the floor and is much calmer when doing laundry, vacuuming, and a recent storm. He takes the drops with ease and seems to love the bacon flavor.

  19. Chad Valentine

    This works great for my dogs I just wish you got more for $30.

  20. Mike Collins

    Thank you!

  21. Eric and Chastity

    My dog has been on this product now for almost a year and in the couple of periods where he has not been on the product, you can tell how badly his joints seem to hurt. He tries to act like a puppy when he gets the CBD oil

  22. Kathleen Baker

    I have a 10 year old dog that has had two hip surgeries. You would never know it now🤗

  23. Kacy Gaither

    I have seen more energy in my dog when he has been given this. I can buy it cheaper on line then at the store in my town.

  24. Delia Hernandez

    My dog gets a few drops in the morning and night. The product lasts long and in our case it helps with her arthritis in her back legs. She used to be on daily medicine for arthritis since her back legs would shake but we were able to switch her over to just using this oil. She’s been using this brand for years and never had an issue.

  25. Gina Marie Mauro

    thank you for this great product!

  26. Keith Hicks

    Helps our dog walk everyday!! Amazing stuff!!

  27. Lauren Hamrick

    I first purchased this for my Belgian Malinos, Lea, when she was very sick and was losing her appetite. It worked like magic!!! My Chihuahua/ Shih Tzu started having panic attacks and anxiety after Lea passed. I started using this product with him. He doesn’t like when I put it on his dry food, so he usually just gets it straight. The product works wonderfully!!!

  28. Patty Stith

    Has given my geriatric dog pep and zeal. It’s wonderful!

  29. Raquel Kelly

    My dogs love this bacon flavor ecopets for dogs but we really need and want a bigger bottle of this.

  30. DawnMarie Greene

    My mini schnauzer has epilepsy, your wonderful product helps our fur baby, get through the month…Thank you so much.

  31. Jill Siems

    I honestly feel this has helped my Shih Tzu’s old man bones feel better

  32. DawnMarie Greene

    This product is a big help to my schnauzer, who has seizures. Thank you for this amazing product.

  33. Wolfgang Arterberry

    Our basset hound beagle mix will be 16 in a couple weeks. This medicine replaced his daily dog asprin that had lost any pain relief efficacy and had started to upset his stomach. This medicine not only has stopped all issues he was having with his digestion, he is hopping and playing like he’s 8 years younger. Amazing product. He sleeps without stirring and goes up and down our front steps without a thought. I honestly feel this stuff will allow him to finish this last chapter of his life without pain and discomfort.

  34. Tim Cline

    This has been a godsend for our dog that is prone to seizures. We have been able to reduce the severity and length of the episodes by 75 pct. I highly recommend trying it for this. It is such a great piece of mind knowing we have a remedy on hand when needed.

  35. Amy Gerhardt

    My dog, Pixie is 13 years old and has arthritis in her hips. She has 2 younger siblings that she has not been able to keep up with. That is until we found the Eco pets CBD oil for her. She may not be able to run at full speed but she has more energy and certainly holds her own now. I can’t even imagine where she would be right now if it wasn’t for this product! Thank you!

  36. Andrea

    My dogs get there dose in their food every night, and love it. Best value in CBD Ihave seen.

  37. Nikki Mokas

    Using for 16 year old pain and 2 year old anxiety works wonders.

  38. Megan Axe

    I love this! It helps my dog so much. Maybe make a bigger bottle?

  39. Anita Garcia

    This has significantly helped our 12 year old puppy. He’s moving better, seems more comfortable and seems happy about this! I was skeptical but desperate for some relief for him. This worked!

  40. CHERYL G.

    love it for my Labs

  41. Julie Hogenson

    these mini’s should be available in multi packs, IMHO

  42. Julie Hogenson

    it’s working, that’s what I know. My 13 year old lab with artheritis is moving much better these days

  43. Julie Ritter

    I am not 100% decided on this. I gave it to my dog twice and the third time he threw up. I am not sure yet.

  44. Melissa Carlile

    Really works!

  45. CHERYL G.

    this really help our pet to be more active in her senior years as well as the younger one for when there are loud noises

  46. Ryan Bezuhly

    It worked good to calm down my husky during the fireworks

  47. Andrea

    Best value for the money I have ever seen. Dogs lice it, the price is amazing!

  48. Patty Stith

    My elderly Pyrenees dog is thriving on this hemp oil. She’s active and happy. The vet had her on several medications that were really hard on her stomach. Now, she’s is only on Ecopets. I highly recommend it.

  49. Melanie Schaubroeck

    Very good at relaxing our dogs during storms and also on the 4th of July.

  50. Eva Rivers

    Prefer treats

  51. DawnMarie Greene

    Thank you for this product, My puppy has seizures, and this helps more than you can imagine.

  52. Donald Rutledge

    Ecopets had made a tremendous difference in my 14 year old dogs mobility. Vehemently has severe arthritis and had to be helped to stand. Ecopets put her back on her feet

  53. Patty Stith

    My 11 year old Lab/Pyr is doing remarkably well on this! I didn’t realize how effective the product is until I ran out of it. After three days without it, she was limping and listless. Once I started giving it to her again, she was spritely again. I’d recommend this product to everyone with an aging, arthritic dog.

  54. Yvonne Davis

    Dogs love the bacon flavor, and i love them not having panic attacks during every thunderstorm.

  55. Carrie

    This has helped my boy so much. I think it has helped to heal up his ears. They had leporsy on his ears.

  56. Carolyn R

    I give to both my pups, one to help her calm down, the other for His hip pain. They both Are doing so much better. Thank you!

  57. DawnMarie Greene

    This is a great product for our 1 year old pup that has seizures.

  58. CHERYL G.

    ever since using this my pup has had new life in her bones!!!

  59. Nikki Mokas

    We love this product use for behavior and pain/discomfort

  60. Anneliese Payne

    My dog showed improvement of her arthritis pain after the first dose! She is a 14 1/2 year old Husky and is now playful like a much younger dog.

  61. Amber Dunn

    This product has worked well for us.

  62. Anneliese Payne

    My aging husky has arthritis and was struggling to walk. After starting the CBD oil, I saw improvement only 12 hours later!

  63. William Bailey

    All good, this product is wonderful

  64. Danielle Beato

    My dog has high anxiety and this eases her pains!!

  65. Glinda Taylor

    Very helpful

  66. Andrea

    This is a fabulous value for a high-quality product. My dogs love this CBD oil, and it seems to ease my older dog’s arthritis pain considerably. I plan to continue ordering this product indefinitely.

  67. Catherine Santarsiero

    My sister-in-law introduced me to this product. i have two 17 year old Chihuahuas. One of them has Dementia. This product really helps calm him, which also helps settle his brother and me! They seem to enjoy the flavor. I’m thankful there is a product out there that helps my little buddy in his senior years. Thank you so much.

  68. Wendy Tripp

    I use it every morning and where I put it is the first place he eats!

  69. Rillis Butler

    I have a rescue dog that is very fearful. Although she has a long way to go to be comfortable about nearly everything, using the Ecopets and a diffuser has helped her a great deal.

  70. Terri

    Love it, it has helped my dog, Zeus in so many ways! Thank you

  71. MB

    Works well for our dogs. We use it twice a day, primarily for anxiety.

  72. Victoria

    I purchased this for my dog who sometimes just needs to calm down. She 3 months old and this works sooo good for her and she’s a bigger dog. (roughly 20 pounds) . I m into CBD for myself so I figured why not get some for her as well and I don t regret it , plus it’s one of the best priced ones I’ve come across for the amount of MG! It calms her down, doesn’t make her groggy or tired. Really does as it says. My only con is I wish the exact amount needed was printed on the bottle (I’m terrible at keeping packaging). Will purchase again without a doubt.

  73. Barbara

    Bought CBD for my dachshund boys and it has seemed to help Harvey’s anxiety and aggression a good bit and Copper has not been as barkie as usual. Bought first bottle at a holiday street tent in Philly and second bottle came very quickly after ordering online here! Pricey stuff, but worth the peaceful pups!

  74. James Sharp

    Works for my dog!

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CBD For Dogs

How to use ECOPETS Bacon?

Apply directy into mouth, drip on treat or mix with food.


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ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml
ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml
Total Hemp Extract
Total CBD
Hemp Extract p/Serving
CBD p/Serving
ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml
ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml
ECOPETS For Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml