CBD Social Anxiety

Add a little Social to your drink and get loose without the booze.

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CBD Social Anxiety

CBD social anxiety

Flavored with
essential oils

Blended with Orange, Lemon and Ginger Extracts. Makes the perfect full spectrum cbd tincture that everyone will enjoy!

Mocktail Ingredients
CBD Cocktail

25 – 28mg



Full Spectrum
Hemp Extract


30mL Bottle

CBD Mixer

Tastes great alone or as a drink mixer

Mixer Additve


Dosage is based on individual preference. To find the desired dose, start administering 1/2 a dropper under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.

* Increase dose if needed.

Ginger Sunrise Recipe

CBD Mocktail

CBD Cocktail


Lime Juice – 1 tbsp
Orange Juice – 1/4 cup
Ginger Beer – 1/2 cup
Citrus Ginger CBD Tincture


1) Mix orange juice and lime juice in glass
Add ice and top off with ginger beer
Stir in Social CBD Tincture
Garnish rim with lime slice

Feeling Boozy?

Add 1-2 fl oz of Vodka or Gin

Why did we make this cbd mixer social product?

When we initially developed the ECODROPS™ and RIXMIX™ lines of high quality tinctures, we really wanted to emphasize the value of the raw components in our premium hemp oil. In addition to CBD, our full spectrum extract is rich with naturally occurring phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN. Our ECODROPS™ tinctures also contain their own supplementary terpene and essential oil blends, and our RIXMIX™ utilizes a special PG carrier that enables faster absorption into the bloodstream.

There are a lot of people who do enjoy the earthy and natural essence of our tinctures, but we have also had many requests from customers that are looking for something with additional flavoring to make that natural hempy taste go away. This is why we are so excited to offer our new tincture, SOCIAL Citrus Ginger! It utilizes the same CBD-rich hemp extract and kosher PG carrier that we use for RIXMIX™, while also incorporating a burst of citrus flavor with its delicious, sugar-free blend of orange, lemon, and ginger. It tastes great on its own or as a drink supplement!

Not only is SOCIAL Citrus Ginger incredibly yummy, but it is able to serve other functions as well. In addition to a sublingual tincture, it can also be used as a mix alternative for a CBD Mocktail or CBD Cocktail. Social anxiety can be tough, and we wanted to create something especially for people who want to take the edge off by enjoying a drink with friends, but would prefer to not have any alcohol. There are times when being the odd one out can increase social anxiety, but using SOCIAL can help to ease that. Simply add SOCIAL to any of your favorite beverages for a great CBD mixer and enjoy the refreshing citrus taste without worrying about extra sugar or calories. 

Will this work for Social Anxiety?

CBD products are thought to have calming and relaxing properties which COULD potentially help with symptoms of anxiety. We ALWAYS advise that you check the most recent medical studies on CBD and anxiety relief. This product is not designed or intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness, disease or condition. You should alway consult with your doctor if you are experiencing anxiety symptoms.

Social Anxiety
Really Sucks!

Having a great CBD Mocktail can do wonders to your social anxiety! We remain continually dedicated to providing the greatest value to our customers by offering the highest quality products at the best prices. If you love RIXMIX™, we know you will love SOCIAL Citrus Ginger! Like the rest of our full spectrum products, each batch of SOCIAL Citrus Ginger  is lab tested for quality assurance.

Your friends will love you for it!

Social Anxiety CBD Tincture

We have extensive information related to social anxiety and other causes, symptoms and triggers in our blog.