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Sample Box
Sample Box

Our team has come up with a great way for you to sample the huge variety of premium quality, CBD-rich hemp extract products we have to offer. This sample box conveniently allows you to determine what product most benefits your lifestyle.

Every box contains a sample each of our ECODROPS™ tinctures  (Relief, Focus, Boost, and Dream) in a convenient 1ml bottle. Each tincture contains its own unique blend of terpenes that is expertly mixed with an MCT carrier. These tinctures all feature our premium, CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp extract as the base. Simply pour a few drops under the tongue every day. 

We have also included a special 1ml sample of our RIXMIX™ tincture, which utilizes a mix of our CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp extract with a specialized PG carrier that enables this product to be taken under the tongue or used as an additive to your favorite vape juice.

In addition, we have added 1ml samples of our tincture that have been specially formulated for dogs! Your pup will love the flavors, they can choose between Bacon and Peanut Butter.  Our ECOPETS™ tinctures contain CBD-rich hemp extract that is mixed with an MCT carrier. 

The sampler box also has options for those who want to try capsules. It includes 2ct travel packs of both our ECOCAPS™ and ECOGELS™, which both contain our CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp extract that has been pressed into a convenient capsule form. These long lasting capsules and gels are gluten free and non-GMO. 

We are also excited to include both varieties of our popular ECOSHOTS™ 1oz drinks. Focused Energy comes packed with caffeine mixed with Vitamin B3 and B6, in a delicious berry flavor. Chill Relaxation has a yummy grape flavor and contains kava as well as gaba. Both drinks have zero calories and 10mg of CBD isolate, so they are THC free. 

Our ECOSWEETS™ gummies are a delicious and fun treat. One packet includes 5 gummies in a variety of tasty fruit flavors. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD isolate, so these treats are THC free.  

We are so excited to add our amazing topical pain cream, ECODERM™. This product was painstakingly developed in partnership with Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas, and it has been expertly formulated for maximum effectiveness. This light and airy cream utilizes the powerful analgesic qualities of methyl salicylate and has been blended with 300mg of our premium, CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp extract.  

Our products are all independently tested to assure quality. This sampler pack is a great way to enjoy these products yourself or even share them with friends and family!

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Some CBD doesn't work. Learn why with the basics.

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Sample Box

Some CBD doesn’t work. Learn why with the CBD basics.

There is a massive difference between Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and CBD Isolate.