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Eco Sciences The Official Vape Additive® ECODRIP Gold is a vegan, non-GMO hemp oil vape additive that is conveniently designed to mix with any e-liquid by enabling you to add a dropper to your vape tank. Each bottle contains around 100mg of full spectrum, lab tested hemp extract which includes about 16-20mg of CBD in addition to other phytocannabinoids. It is blended with USP Kosher propylene glycol as well as USP Kosher vegetable glycerin and it also has naturally occurring terpenes. It is pod friendly and can also be taken as a sublingual which makes it easy to access throughout the day.

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Full Spectrum, PG, VG





Hemp Extract


Suggested Use

3-10 Drops in vaporizer as needed

10 reviews for ECODRIP Gold

  1. ECODRIP Gold


    This stuff is awesome! Slight taste to additive but nowhere near as noticeable as others I have tried, mixed with a strong e-liquid you can hardly taste it. Works almost instantly and produces a calm, relaxed effect. Great for anxiety!

  2. ECODRIP Gold

    Jack Wrong

    I have osteoarthritis in both knees, have been using naprosyn sodium (aka ALEVE with ranitidine to prevent stomach upset) with good success, but occasionally woke up around 3 or 4 am with break-through joint pain, so more naprosyn. As a retired physician, I did my research and had some hope CBD might work. Wow, was I surprised. Maybe it was a bit of placebo effect, but 8 days in and I have yet to need to use ANY naprosyn. I will continue.

  3. ECODRIP Gold


    I really enjoy the drip, also the option you have that you can vape it alone or as an additive.

  4. ECODRIP Gold

    Gene Cambpbell

    I got this for my wife to help with sleeping. So far it is working good. She is getting better sleep and her breathing is even a lot better.

  5. ECODRIP Gold


    I just did a review on CBD Onyx and the Gold is an effective product as well. We have been using ECODRIP products for months with great success! My injury from 45 years ago as a Viet Nam vet is put in check due to the CBD and my wife’s blood pressure has been normal for months!! Great company. Great products! Thank You!!

  6. ECODRIP Gold


    Great product for a starter kit.

  7. ECODRIP Gold


    This stuff is life changing. If I take 2 drops under my tongue when I start to get a migraine it lessens in intensity as well as duration. Miraculous!

  8. ECODRIP Gold

    Ms. Carter

    I suffer from chronic anxiety and really want to discontinue using SSRI medications since all I have tried really do not work that well for me anyways. I turned to CBD as a last resort thinking it would be a more natural approach. I was very impressed with the results. The more I use it the better I feel. I still have anxiety and probably always will but I have noticed a huge difference since using this product over the past couple weeks. I do believe I will go with a higher potency next time. For those that may be hesitant or skeptical I will say this product will not make you feel weird or high in anyway. From my experience it s not what you feel after using it but more of what you do not feel that makes it so great. I would recommend giving this a try to anyone that is experiencing anxiety and looking for a natural way to get a little relief.

  9. ECODRIP Gold

    Howard Misa

    So far this CBD has been helping me quite a bit. it’s helped me fall asleep when times I can not. I’ve seen videos on YouTube and ppl saying this helps with high blood pressure which I have myself but I haven’t noticed a change with my blood pressure yet. time will tell. I will be buying more but perhaps in a higher strength. I do highly recommend this.

  10. ECODRIP Gold

    Sinnje T

    Totally satisfied with this product. Look forward to buying again.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

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