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Eco Sciences Onyx is a vegan, non-GMO hemp oil additive that is conveniently designed to mix. Each bottle contains around 1,000mg of full spectrum, lab tested hemp extract which includes about 160-180mg of CBD in addition to other phytocannabinoids. It is blended with USP Kosher propylene glycol as well as USP Kosher vegetable glycerin and it also has naturally occurring terpenes. It is beverage friendly and can also be taken as a sublingual which makes it easy to access throughout the day.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 4 in



Full Spectrum, PG, VG





Hemp Extract


Suggested Use

3-10 Drops under tongue as needed


Eco Sciences



47 reviews for ECODRIP Onyx

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  1. Victor Merchant

    Great product. If you have anxiety or trouble sleeping try this product! Wake up refreshed and no sluggish feeling.

  2. Justin F

    Product is great I add it to a e liquid for vaping. it works great for stress and anxiety

  3. Anna S

    Very good product and service!

  4. Bruce Williams

    Great stuff

  5. Taylor Carroll

    Helps really well for my anxiety and adhd!

  6. Bruce Williams

    Highly recommended

  7. Bruce Williams

    Love it you need it

  8. Victor Merchant

    Good product if you have trouble sleeping.

  9. Bruce Williams

    Love it must have

  10. Phill

    Love this product. Good for arthritis. Reduces inflammation.

  11. Angela

    I order this once a month and I always get it very quickly.

  12. Annette Gomez

    First time trying this product and I love it. Would recommend highly.

  13. Angela

    great product and great price

  14. Christi Stewart

    I switched from vaping this product to using it sublingually recently and in all honesty, sublingual is the better path for health reasons and it works just as good, if not better for me. Only thing you have to remember is to leave it under your tongue for as long as you can then swish it around in your mouth for a bit and then swallow. I started out leaving it under my tongue for 2 minutes, then for 4-5 minutes before swishing it. Yes, it doesn’t taste very good, but the bottom line is it starts working within 15 minutes and if you do the swish thing and don’t drink anything until 10 minutes after you start, it has the full effect, at least for me it does. I have anxiety and have trouble sleeping sometimes and it always helps greatly.

  15. Jeffery Anderson

    All the product was oxidized and dark brown, which means an old product. Won’t be buying again.

  16. Stephen

    Very small product for the price, sweet tasting.

  17. Jessica

    Love this CBD product, I am achy if I miss a day

  18. Roxy White

    Great product

  19. Anna S

    Great company, great product, great prices!

  20. Heidi Hambrick

    There’s other products out there but for way higher prices. I know this one works for me on several levels and it’s very affordable, so I won’t even take a chance trying any of the others. Plus it can be added to my vape, where others cannot.

  21. Medgar Woods

    It’s GREAT!!!!!

  22. Kathleen McAlpine

    Love this Cbd

  23. Richard Phannestill

    Excellent quality

  24. Anna S

    Fantastic! It is a big help to us in dealing with our arthritis pain.

  25. Cheyanne Trivitt

    Absolutely worth spending a few extra dollars for the ONYX

  26. Roxy White

    Excellent product

  27. Anna S

    Love the company and they have great product, great prices, and very sweet customer service person!

  28. Bethline Loftis

    Love that it helps.

  29. Jessica

    I just love this CBD, I have told so many people about it!!

  30. Roxy White

    Excellent product and fast shipping

  31. Christi Stewart

    I use this in vape form, without tobacco, and it honestly helps me stay calm and helps me sleep at night.

  32. Bethline Loftis

    Helps my husband to rest at night.

  33. Cheree

    I love this product!

  34. Gary Smith

    Love the product. Helps with multiple issues I have. Highly recommended. I rated it a little less on quality due to the darkness and bad taste at times. Was due to hemp being wet I was told but still works good

  35. Geeyo Mralles

    This product is excellent ive had no success with cbd in the past but this product actually alleviates my clinical insomnia I used to stay up days at a time now i hardly do. Also i had a problem with one of the bottles it was like it was pressurized and just spilled all over my table but ecosciences sent me a bottle today after i emailed the company….best product and customer supoort ever

  36. Jessica

    For the price, you can’t get a more quality CBD oil. This has taken my foot pain away and I’m a avid runner and triathlete. Highly recommend!

  37. Jessica

    I absolutely love this CBD oil! I have tried others, and this one is what works for me!! I have struggled with foot pain from running and this takes my pain completely away!!:) For the money, hands down, the best!

  38. Toni

    Always fast shipping and great products !! Have been using the Platinum ecodrip for awhile now and decided to give this one a try. So glad I Did! It helps so much with my anxiety as well as sleep at night. Adding it with my liquid in my vape, it last all day. Love every product I’ve tried so far!!

  39. Toni

    Has helped so much with my anxiety !! Haven’t taken it orally so can’t comment on taste but adding a full dropper to my vape has lasted me all day and helps right away. I always purchased the Platinum and decided to try this one since its a better value and stronger and I’m so glad I did. They both work wonders though.

  40. Cheree


  41. Jeff Gunning

    Good product, but pricey! Would like to see a drop in the price and I’d order a lot more!!!

  42. Terry

    Great company to deal with. Customer service is excellent! Easy and fast ordering, and best price I could find for product as described… I will be a repeat customer!

  43. AMY

    I had a very serious car accident a couple years ago and I still suffer chronic pain from a neck and pelvic fracture (among other more minor injuries by comparison). I can’t imagine a life ruled by narcotic pain medications and this ECODRIP has been really amazing aid in avoiding that. I already vape so I just added this to my favorite juices. You can taste it a little but it’s totally worth the relief. It’s expensive for me as a student but I’ve made this CBD a kind of priority in my monthly budget! Totally worth every penny.

  44. Jeremy Reyes

    I started using ECODRIP as an experiment to week myself off my ADHD medicine. At first I was skeptical but a friend of mine suggested I try it as an alternative to those meds, and it’s been nothing but amazing since I started using it. ECODRIP oil has helped me ween myself off those meds and I now use this as my alternative and it’s been life changing. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s felt like medicine is the only option, try this product and see for yourself.

  45. Cheree Smith

    This product is great. The longer I take it, the better I feel!

  46. Rachel Weaver

    I had a herniated disc that was improperly treated and eventually healed but has left me with permanent sciatica that I dealt with constantly, though it especially kept me from walking any length of time/distance. While this stuff is no doubt great for other uses, I can say with 100% certainty that this product has let me live my life again, almost entirely pain free from remnant inflammation in my back and legs. As long as I’m vaping this stuff regularly, I can get on with my day. I tried another brand and it couldn’t even come close to the quality this stuff is and what it did for me. The ONLY downside is the taste, which is something like a rotting vegetation stew liquid. Get a really sweet or otherwise overpowering flavor juice to mix it in and it’s all good though.

  47. Susie Burrell

    This is a wonderful product. If you have any aches and pains, this is your go to fix.

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